Scandinavian Hot Tub

Step in, lie back and relax. Let the stresses and strains melt away. Whether it’s to ease your aching muscles or just to enjoy a little ‘me-time’, a few minutes in our hot-tub should bring you back to life.

During daylight hours, the views from the hot-tub are stunning – it’s located in an elevated position overlooking the Manifold Valley with truly spectacular views and as the light changes and the stars slowly appear, stargazing on a clear night is heavenly!

The hot tub is wood fired (biomass) and is amazingly eco-friendly compared to regular tubs. There is space for up to 6 adults. It’s a ‘one use only hot tub’ with no chemicals –  so for hygiene reasons, it needs to be emptied, cleaned, refilled and heated before the it’s next use. This takes time, so if you would like to use it please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

There will be a charge of £80 for each separate day booking. The price includes: extra bath towels, robes and plastic glasses.

Rules to observe:

    • Please ensure that you are medically OK to use a hot tub, no pregnent ladies allowed
    • Please stir the Hot tub to ensure an equal tempreture, before entering. 
    • It is recomended that a limit of 15 minutes at a time in the Hot Tub  is adhered to. 
    • No glass of any kind in or near the tub
    •  Children must be supervised, no children under 6 allowed and no children under 14  without an adult
    • Swim wear only
    • Please make sure grass etc is off your feet
    • Take care when around the hot tub, flooring may be slippery when wet. 
    • No heavy makeup, fake tan please.
    • No food in or near the hot tub please
    • No intoxicated persons or solo bathers to use the Hot Tub
    • Please vacate the tub by 10.30pm
    • Under no circumstances are visitors to touch or change the biomass heater settings, inform the owners immediately of any problems. 
    • Please replace tub cover after use, and let the owners know that you have finished with it. 

      In the case of an emergency: 

  • Dail 999 and ask for an ambulance and or the local first  responders. 
  • Inform the owners immediately.
  • Hartington Surgery on 01298 84315 – for walking wounded.